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“God blessed me with two SUVs after donating money for a church project” — Actor, William Uchemba [Photos]

Comedian and Nollywood Actor, Williams Uchemba, has narrated how God blessed him with two SUVs after donating money to his church for a church project.

Taking to his Instagram page, the movie star gave a detailed account of how keying into a church project favoured him.

“I want to thank God for giving me the resources to buy the Camera I used to snap this picture, and because there is a wife around, we got two Cameras. And to wifey don’t worry this camera is not your birthday present,” Williams Uchemba wrote.

He continued, this time explaining what led him to give out his money to the project:

OK on a Serious note. Last month I wanted to buy an SUV (because you need one in Lagos especially if you are always at a Site) and that same period a church building project came up. So I was left with the choice of either buying my SUV or giving the money for the church of God to be completed (where people’s life will be changed for good and souls saved).”

William Uchemba cars

“So I was led in my spirit to give it for the church project and used the rest to buy a car for someone who didn’t have one. A month later God blessed me with Two SUVs at once.”

See his full post on Instagram below (Swipe to view more):

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