Black Uber driver stops White woman in the middle of nowhere after she kept insulting him (Video)

In a trending video a black Uber driver was seen telling a white woman whom he carried, that he’s no longer continuing the journey with her in his car for cursing him. According to the driver, he has done him no wrong to her but she chose to keep cursing him since he carried her and now he’s done and wants her out of his car.

The woman retorted and told him, that she’s not cursing him but the driver insisted that she has been cursing him. The woman looked calmed while replying him, maybe because she saw that the camera is on her, she then told him that she doesn’t have her phone with her to place order for another Uber. She pleaded him to take her to her destination but the man refused saying he can no longer tolerate her madness in his car.

The woman in anger carried something from the car and threw it at the the dashboard of the car. She began saying some vulgar words to him as she made her way out of the car.

Watch video below;

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