Obasanjo reveals why Nigeria shouldn’t drag Igbos into another war

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has revealed why Nigeria shouldn’t drag igbos into another war.

The former president have been trending recently following his speech and lectures, especially concerning Nigeria and it’s problem now.

During one of his lectures recently, he reminded the yorubas concerning the war of 1967,the civil war and he reminded them of how it went down and also why the igbos were defeated by the Nigerians.

According to him, there were few borders then and once the nigerians captured those states with the borders,the igbos were sealed in with no hope of getting help from the outside world and also the outside world did not quite understand what the igbos were fighting for

But now the igbos are all over the world and also very rich and can now buy weapons and many other things necessary for the war to be won so it would be a nightmare for Nigeria. Saying, if the igbos were able to hold on for over two years with only little weapons, who knows what they would do with so much more weapons?

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