Evangelist Gbadamosi Ismail

The new Twitter trend “Lori iro”, the real meaning of the Yoruba word and the Preacher who brought it (Video)

As Valentine approached last month, Nigerians came up with yet another word/slang, “Lori iro“.

What actually brought about this new slang in Nigeria, is a recent video of a Preacher who while preaching in a neighborhood … went on to list out all the numerous lies and scope … people generally use to deceive others.

Lori iro is a Yoruba word that means “Ontop Lies.” It is used to tell people “it is a lie.”

The name of this Preacher is Evangelist Gbadamosi Ismail but after his video went viral on social media, many have nicknamed him Lori iro“.

Evangelist Gbadamosi Ismail

The slang originated because of Valentine and has since gone viral, it has been the number 1 trend on Nigeria Twitter and many people have trended it since then.

In fact, as Evangelist Ismail preached, he specifically warned ladies to be wary of fake lovers who will want to entice them during Valentine.

As the man preaches, he will pause to call out a particular lie and then chorus “Lori iro”!!!.

According to Ismail, he preaches the gospel with all he got, anytime and everywhere. Meanwhile, before now, Evangelist Ismail wasn’t on social media or even had an IG or Twitter account. But after “Lori iro” trended, he got on Social media and opened an Instagram account.


In fact, many radio stations have invited Ismail for exclusive interviews since he became popular and he attributes it to God … calling them “interviews of open doors”.

Also, check out what Nigerians are saying about the trend on Social media below:


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