Man left devastated after his drunk girlfriend confessed sleeping with a dog

A man has been left in utter devastation after his lover and girlfriend confessed sleeping with a dog to while she down under the influence of alcohol.

The man who craved anonymity, disclosed that his girlfriend while in a drunken state, confessed that she slept with a dog.

According to him, they were having a little celebration ahead of her birthday and to spice things up, he added marijuana to his girlfriend’s drink.

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He asked what was the craziest things she has ever done, that was when she revealed that back when she was still in school, she had slept with a dog.

The man was hit with shock, and thought she was mumbling under the influence of the drink and drug, however, when they both woke up the next day, he asked if she remembers anything from the previous night but she said no.

Read his story below…

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