Lady shows off credit alert she got from her boyfriend’s parent, for her to break-up with their son

A young lady in love has gotten mixed feelings about her relationship after she was made a mouth-watering offer by the parent of her boyfriend for her to quit her relationship with their son as she shows the credit alert she already got.

According to the Lady whose name is simply given as @Orla_mide, on Twitter, her boyfriend’s parents sent her about 600k and promised to buy for her the latest apple iPhone (iPhone 13, which is set to be released soon), if she breaks up with her boyfriend (their son), whom she probably is together with because they are both in love.

The lady has mixed feelings about this and asked her followers on Twitter to advise her on what to do. This is because the offer made by the boyfriend’s parents seems tempting, while on second thought, she also loves their son.

See her posts below;

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