I was duped of over N150million and spent N500k with police and EFCC trying to arrest the criminal – Heartbreaking man narrates

A young man has cried out for help in other to get his money back after he was duped of #150m through a forest investment scheme by one John Udochukwu Akokwu.

According to him, John udochukwu Akokwu from Abia State and now living in owerri, imo state, are the names of the guy who scammed him with that enormous amount of money. In the space of 2 months, the #150m was sent to him and since then he has been living in despair since he learned he had entered “one chance”.

John Udochukwu Akokwu victim
The victim

He went on to report the problem to one of the police stations in lagos state, and also spent more than #500k in the process (trying to get the scammer), there is no positive outcome from it. He decided to move his step forward to meet EFCC and reported the problem, but nothing changes after months now. Not only him invested the #500m, the 500 people’s conjoined money is still in that money because they believed him and now all of them are in trouble because of the source they got the cash from in order to get more cash if it worked.

Many people accused him of putting that immense sum of money in the hands of someone he never trusted well after he had tweeted.

John Udochukwu Akokwu
John Udochukwu Akokwu

He came back to give thorough clarify where he met the scammer. According to him, in July 2019 in the federal government npower ncreative scheme, he met the guy (scammer), and then the guy was among the students he tutored for a month. Because of the relationship between them those days, they exchange contacts. Last year, the guy discussed investing with him because he said he was a forex trader, the victim fell for it and even called some of his friends to trade with him.

He began giving flimsy reasons about his bank account being frozen at the end of August, and he gave date that it would be sorted out which he did not.

John Udochukwu Akokwu
John Udochukwu Akokwu

For all of these, the guy in question said his life is in danger and that both his friends and the scammer’ have been looking for him.

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  1. This guy did not defraud a dime.. I instead then the business crashed he loosed his own money too trying to pay all the investors.. the guy in question gave you a return of 169million, before the prblm started. Why are people this wicked? Why didn’t you tell the members of the public how much he has returned to you over time before the business crashed.. you know actually well too that the guy was duped by a broker called valleytech..

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