I bought my third private jet during the Covid-19 lockdown – Apostle Jonhson Suleiman (Video)

The founder of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Jonhson Suleiman has revealed he bought his third private jet during the lockdown period.

Revealing this during a sermon, the clergyman said he and his wife were having a swear time during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

In Covid season, I bought a jet, I have three now. In Covid-19 period I bought my third private jet. I was even praying for Covid-19 not to end, because I was resting. While people were complaining my wife was asking me, can life be this sweet? Because we live a no-stress life. I read something yesterday, somebody send me the link. There was a rumor that is going around, that I have a machine that print money. I like that rumor.

They said I should be investigated that I have a machine that print money. Somebody said to me, “Is it true that you have a money printing machine?” And I jokingly responded “Yes, it’s true!” and he said, “It’s risky” and I said to him again, “Oh, I didn’t know it’s risky, I’d already bought the machine.” He didn’t suspect I was joking but listen to me, in the real sense, when you are speaking in tongue you are printing money. You need to know that, Divinity in humanity is when God’s extra comes upon your ordinary and superimposes His super on your natural, that means you are still working as a terestial being yet you re a celestial being.

Watch video below;

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