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Fast rising singer, King Sammy accuse Bella Shmurda of wearing his N15million jacket

A fast rising singer King Sammy says that the Louis Vuitton Jacket (worth 15 Million Naira) Bella Shmurda wore on a Go Headies Award belongs to him, saying that Bella Shmurda borrowed the Jacket without his permission.

He also said that Bella Shmurda took his shoe along side with his Hoody Jacket.

He wrote;

“Y’all blaming me. How will you feel when you pay for a styling, pay for photo shoot, pay for studio, pay for lighting, pay for every d*mn thing and after then, you saw the same outfit you’ve paid for on someone.

You are now claiming right again.

Assuming I am just posting the pictures, y’all will say I borrowed the cloth from Bella right? Y’all use that same energy.

Besides, 15 Million kwa”

He also added that Celebrities are living a fake life for his liking.

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