Don’t wait for a man to toast you, go and toast the man you want – Aisha Yesufu advice women more than 30 years old

Popular Nigerian activist Aisha Yesufu has advised aging women to go after the men they want in a recent interview she did with BBC Pidgin.

In the 5 minutes long video, Aisha Yesufu advised all ladies to go and woo the man that they love because time is running fast and they are not getting any younger.

She said that women that are close to 30 and 40 years who says they are waiting for a man who will come and toast them should go out and search for a man to toast and marry.

Aisha narrated her personal experience with Uche, one of her secondary school mates she wrote a love letter to. She said that he turned down her proposal and he wrote him a letter that the whole class saw which later turned into an embarrassment for her.

She then made it known that she was the one who woos her husband because he did not see his wife on time.

“Don’t wish for a man to come and toast you, go out and toast the man you want. A woman can propose also. Waiting for the man to come to woo you when you are 30, 40 or 50 won’t be possible.” She said.

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