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Why many celebrities remain enemies — BBNaija star, Nina Ivy gives reason

Ex Big Brother Naija houseamte, Nina Ivy has taken to reveal why so many Nigerian celebrities remain enemies to each other.

The proud mother of one via her Twitter handle disclosed that fans were the main reason why some celebrities keep enmity one another. She also urged fans to stop pressurizing celebrities as it most often leads to contempt and depression.

Read the post below;

“But to tell you fans the truth, Most of you are the reason why most people are still enemies and might probably remain enemies for a long time, this is a new year, stop pressurizing people, let them be, Preach peace, try to outgrow certain things, this life is too short

One more thing guys, you cannot determine anyone’s future, I was once written off, Judged, called all sorts of names, but today I am overly happy.. try to stop judging and writing people off, you are not God, nobody is perfect and finally the future is not in your hands… Depression is real guys.”

Nina Ivy who also had quite a controversial marriage in 2019 shared her thoughts on why some housemates fall in love on reality shows,

Nina said, “Some people have said this last season was not as interesting as the past ones but every season has its own uniqueness. Housemates are not the same sets of people. I believe every season is interesting. Everyone played a game, so there is nothing like being called fake. People need to correct that notion of housemates being fake. It is a game and the contestants went in there with one goal, which was to win. One cannot control love, so there is nothing unusual if housemates fall in love in the house. If it blossoms, it can even lead to marriage.

She adds, “Relationships on the reality show should not be seen as fake. I don’t think anyone should be criticised for having a romantic relationship on the show. But, we live in a man’s world where women are judged harshly. If the woman is slut-shamed, the man should also be treated the same way.”

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