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US soldiers refuses to salute Donald Trump in a viral video spark reactions online (Watch)

A trending video has been seen online shows when a US soldier refuses salute to Donald Trump whenever he is about boarding whether the Air Force One or the state choppers.

As seen in the video, the US president, Donald Trump was on his way to board an aircraft and he was escorted by an unidentified military aide.

Along the path, they were about 3 other soldiers and as seen from other videos, whenever the president passes, the soldiers always threw a ritual salute but in this video, the first soldier was spotted trying to raise his hands to give the salute but had a last-minute rethink.

He reluctantly raised his hands and brought it down halfway.

As the prescient reached the other 2 military officers, they too kept their hands to themselves.

It is not known why they had to act this way but reactions have linked the actions to the recent upheaval at the capital some days ago.

Watch below;


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