Reactions as man names Nigeria as the country with the most unfaithful wives in the world (See list/Video)

A white Tiktok user has made headlines online after he made a video showing the country with the most unfaithful wives in the world.

The man who’s username on Twitter is Theknowledgebros made a list of 8 countries with the most unfaithful wives and sitting at number 1 is Nigeria.

Nigeria wives top the list with a whoop 62% cheating rate.

The other countries that made up the list includes;

8. United States of America with 14% cheating rate.

7. France with 16% cheating rate.

6. Singapore with 19% cheating rate.

5. Russia with 33% cheating rate.

4. Malaysia with 39% cheating rate.

3. United Kingdom with 42% cheating rate.

2. Thailand with 59% cheating rate.

1. Nigeria with 62% cheating rate.

Reacting to the list, some Nigerian men stated that if he actually knew some places in Nigeria, his percent rate for Nigeria wives would have gone up to 90%.

Watch video and see reactions below;

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