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Popular Money-making Platform, InSME crashes …Nigerians react as video of Hausa man crying goes viral!! (Video)

As many Nigerians continue to embrace online quick money “businesses”, popular money making platform InSME has now crashed!

The platform, which has an app on mobile devices and a website has gone offline on both ends … and it appears the latest situation is set to be a permanent one.


InSME which came on board in October 2020 have grown to amass record numbers of daily users in Nigeria, mostly young people who want to make money from their mobile devices as fast as possible.

NaijaPledge learnt, at its peak in December 2020, the platform had over 200,000 daily users and continued to pull in more people, through “testimonies” of those who have cashed out and ‘upgraded’ into different levels on InSME.

InSME used a level-based system to group its users into different segments starting with InSME 1 … which was a trial level of the platform with limited daily missions to like photos on Instagram.

InSME 2 started with a registration fee of 6288 Naira to unlock more missions for the day and is valid for a period of 60 days, after which a renewal is needed or an upgrade to InSME 3 … which costs a significant N62,888 to register for and unlock.

There are more levels though after the aforementioned … but it appears apparently, the founders have other plans up their sleeve this time … and oops, InSME is down!

Meanwhile, there’s a trending video of a Nigerian man (Hausa by descent) making the waves on social media … as he rolls on the floors and Laments about his now “frozen” monies on InSME!

What are your thoughts about InSME? Let’s hear you in the comments!!

Press Play to watch video below:

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