David, the Nigerian tech genius who defeated 17,000 people worldwide to win IBM competition dies after he was shot by armed robbers

Mr. David who has been believed to be NIGERIA’s own Elon Musk or Bill gates has died in the most heartbreaking manner, a combined failure of the NIGERIAN security agencies and the health care system. His death is indeed a dent in the face of NIGERIA.

Up until his death, allegedly this morning in the hospital, David, when he was just 19 years old, won the Prestigious IBM master the mainframe competition, a tech competition organized by IBM worldwide, featuring over 17 thousand geniuses, with David emerging the best in 2018, sadly, this genius has been taken from us.

It was believed that he was shot by some armed robbers on his way home at night around Jibowu, when police arrived at the scene and failed to take him to the hospital on time, claiming the had little or no evidence as to who or what his involvement with the alleged robbers was.

He died shortly after he was finally taken to the hospital. Some informants claimed that the hospital he was taken to was ill-equipped to handle a gunshot injury, ultimately leading to his death.

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