Nigerian man who packs snow for a living in Canada lay curses on his ungrateful family in Nigeria (Video)

The video of the Yoruba man based in Canada has gone viral on social media. Alot of Nigerians are reacting after her shared a video of himself slamming and laying curses on his family members.

In the video, the Nigerian man (name withheld) who packs snow for a living in Canada is seen standing in the snow with a large packer in his hand. He continued by saying that if he sends N5K, a shirt, a knicker to his family back home in Nigeria. If they complain, he will send ‘Sopona or Shopona’ to them.

‘Sopona’ is a kind of curse in Yoruba. It’s a smallpox gods. According to a few of our Yoruba workers, it means ‘thunder.’

Watch video below:

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