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” You are copying your brother, go and beg Rude boy ” fan drags Paul Okoye after he opened his boutique

it is not easy between the two brothers who once called themselves Psquare, as Paul was dragged of always copying his brother’s pattern.

Many of their fans wants them back together. Just days back after their birthday, Mr. P replied his fans who were concerned about their separation and want them back together. He said that they are not the only brothers that have separated.

Paul Okeye who is now known as Rudeboy has finally launched his own Boutique in Abuja.

The duo have been moving slowly into business. Mr. P have his own business idea where he give out 1million naira to a certain number of persons at a particular day while Rudeboy has opened a new boutique.

Rudeboy  lauched his new unique and special boutique in Abuja at jabi lake Mall

Some of his fans replied him in a bad way saying “You are copying your brother, go and beg Mr. P”. That is so rude to him as his fans accused him of stealing his brother pattern. Some of his fans are still challenging him to go and reconcile with his brother.

See photos of tweet and boutique:

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