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See the country without a trace of poverty or poor people

See a country without a trace of poverty or poor people. It is interesting to know that no one living in this country is poor.

The number of people living under the poverty line in Monaco is zero or not available at all according to CIA fact book.

Monaco, a small sovereign city is situated in the French Riviera. It is a small country, much smaller than New York City Central Park. It measures around 2 miles.

The country is lavishly wealthy and don’t pay taxes. Out of the population of 38,682, one third of them are millionaires.

The wealth of Monaco is due to the fact that there is no income( goes back to late 1800s) so you keep every dine you make.

Their per capital GDP is one of the highest in the world around 165 000 dollars.

Based on the definition of poverty, you can’t find any body living below 2 dollar per day or even see a homeless person in Monaco.

Monaco is also known as Billionaires Playground. With Yatch shows and the Monaco grand prize, it sure attracts a lot of people.

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