School teacher reportedly beat student to death in Ikorodu

School teacher reportedly beat student to death in Ikorodu for not answering his question correctly

The school teacher identified as Mr Emmanuel is a maths teacher of Eliana college, Ikorodu Lagos state and class teacher of the deceased, Boluwatife Omelaja

Boluwatife’s brother took to twitter to cry for justice over the death of his brother. He said the tragic incident happened on the 26th of November after the class teacher asked a question in class and the dismissed was unable to give the right answer. He was flogged by his teacher to death

He went further to say that the school made them to believe that he collapsed and died why answering the question on the board.

Boluwatife’s brother confirmed he was healthy that morning before he left the house and there was no trace of sickness either.

He was buried few hours later according to the Islamic culture after his corpse was brought home in the chool bus by the proprietor, principal and Mr Emma who they never knew was behind the death if the young boy.

His brother also said the other brother, Lateef Omelaja who schooled in same school as Boluwatife was not allowed to leave the school to avoid spreading the real story to the his family and however giving Mr Emmanuel more time to flee.

What a tragic experience for Boluwatife and his family

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