Samuel Eto’o sits on the floor to console driver who bashed his car before releasing him from prison (Photos)

Former Cameroon captain Samuel Eto’o has escaped uninjured from a car crash on Sunday when travelling between Douala and Bafoussam in Cameroon when the 4×4 he was travelling in was involved in a head-on collision with a bus.

The front end of the 4×4 was badly damaged but fortunately no-one was injured. He was subsequently transferred to a local hospital where his condition is improving and classed as non life-threatening as per Cameroonian journalist Martin Camus.

The driver who hit Eto’o then flew before being arrested by Cameroonian police 15 kilometres away and brought to the police station. Eto’o then decided to go to the police station to talk with the driver who was sitting and traumatized. Eto’o sat on the ground next to him, comforted him and then withdrew his complaint and asked the police to drop all charges against the driver and release him.

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