Man who lost both legs and his girlfriend finds love again (Photos)

Man who lost both legs and his girlfriend finds love again after years of challenges. He was born completely, living a normal life until he had a terrible accident that made him loose his legs.

He was a miner who works in a field were minerals are processed. He was involve in an accident at work and was rushed to the hospital as a result of rock falling on him. He got well and was discharged with both legs intact.

His left leg got infected months after based on the rock fall. There was no solution to cure it and had to cut the leg. The right leg also was infected and cut off too

Staying in the hospital for month, he didn’t have money to foot his bills and had to leave. He was abandoned by friends and lover who said she can’t continue with the relationship cause of his condition.

He was left alone and decided to seek help from the mining site but was turned down. He relocated to a different location where he hustle and paid his bill.

He found love again after he met a lady who loves him and was ready to spend forever with him. She loved him despite not having legs and they got married. They have two children together.

They work together to Carter for the family. They later got attention and help from people that came a cross them and he was gifted a machine that enables him to move easily.

See photos below :

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