Man transforms into a Tiger

Dennis Avner, former U.S veteran naval force officer decided to transform into a tiger. He went through the adjustment just to resemble a female tiger.

Avner’s surgeries have included parting of his upper lip, the careful pointing of the ears, silicone cheek and temple inserts, tooth recording, tattoos, and facial piercing. He also let his fingernails over grow, fangs and striped skin tone.

A lot of his work had been done¬† on his body by a doctor Steve Haworth, who modified Dennis’ ears, lip, nose, and face to make him have exact look like a tiger. It also included a large number of transdermals that held fake hairs. Notwithstanding being totally canvassed in tattoos, he’d also shaped his face and body with broad silicone work, had custom teeth worked to imitate his inward nature, and consistently wore contact focal points and a counterfeit mechanical tail.

Avner’s broad body work won him numerous admirers which made him famous.

He eventually died due to body complications and has left many to mourn his dismiss

Here is photo of what he looks like before and after his transformation.

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