Woman fall in love with a mad man at first sight

A woman fall in love with a mad man. The woman known as Abike, age 43 was left with no other choice than to marry a mad man as she could no longer wait for her life partner since she was not getting any younger.

She settled with a mad man on her street who she fell in love with at first sight. She took the responsibility of taking care of the mad man in a psychiatric hospital were he is been taking care of.

She catered for the bills and needs. She is known for her care which she also showered on the man as she offered him some doze of her care therapy.

While in the hospital, she noticed some things about the man which caught her interest even more. She realised the man speaks fluent English and had good manners which is a sign he was getting better and will be fine soon.

She became so fond of him that after he gained consciousness, she took him home with the assurance from the doctor that he is completely fine.


Abike became fond of him and eventually developed feelings for him. Time came to leave the hospital and they left but one strange thing was that the doctor assured her that he is fine and there is nothing to worry about. Why then is he on the street? Abike muttered to herself.

Moths after he gained his sanity, Abike reviewed her intentions of settling down with him but rather than getting their support, she was mocked, laughed at and left to her fate
They continued lining together until a fateful day when she got back home from work to meet a different person only to realise it was her mad husband with so much transformation.

She got talking with him and realised he was wealthy and influential but lost his formal wife and was left to take care if his son alone. He got married to another lady who ran away with some of his money. He decided to disguise himself as a mad man to find a wife for him and mom for his son

Abike was amazed and felt pity for him even tho she blamed him for such decision. She blessed the day she met him and vowed to love him and all that concerns him.

She was made the next of kin by the man while they await the birth of their inborn child she was carrying in her womb already.

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