Girl beats up her mother after sleeping with her husband

A girl beats up her mother after sleeping with her husband.

A 42 year old woman got back from work and met her 20 year old daughter in bed with her step father.

She watched them for while standing in front of the bedroom door until they realised she was there and stopped.

Following what happened, the next day the woman queried her daughter after her husband left for work. She confirmed they were in love with each other and her mum was coming In between them.

The mother tried to talk to her daughter that she was wrong but was punched by the young girl and the fight became so serious that they fought to the street which got neighbours watching

The woman left her matrimonial home to her family house leaving her daughter and husband together and has not heard from then since she left.

She said she e believes they are happy and doing well after the freedom she gave to them to have fun freely.

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