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Wizkid’s fans takes publicity to the next level, goes under the bridge to publicize his forth coming Made In Lagos album (Video)

Wizkid will be releasing his most anticipated album, Made In Lagos on the 15th of October and his fans has taken under the bridge and to the streets to publicize the album as much as they can.

Made In Lagos would be he next project after dropping Sounds from the other side and the surprise Sound man EP.

The world known starboy began talking about the Made in Lagos album even before dropping Sounds from the other side and since his fans across the world has been looking forward to it.

After dropping 2 songs, Smile ft H.E.R and No Stress off the album, Wizkid finally made a date of 15th October as the release date of the album.

His fans has since then taken it upon themselves to publicize and promote the album as much as they can. Some set of his fans popularly known as Wizkid FC recently took their publication under the bridge in a popular Lagos flyover.

They made portrayed images and things as seen on the cover photo of the album, including the popular Lagos masquerade and 3 staff men.

Watch video below;

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