Tears of joy as 60-year-old truck pusher gets rewarded by man who knew him from childhood (Video)

A man who grew up to see same man he has known to be a truck pusher for over 20 years still hustling as a truck pusher in the year 2020. There is no form of improvement, rather the man was looking worse considering his old age.

According to the video,the good samaritan claims he had known the man since childhood in uwelu area of Edo state and it is indeed pitiful to see him doing same odd job at that age.

He however decided that he would change the life of the man for the better.He gave him some cash which will enable him get some food stuffs and promised to get in touch with him to fulfill his promise. That was after they exchanged phone numbers.

He gave him a tight hug and promised to call him and help improve his life.

Watch video below;

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