Nigerian student scam his lecturers, others of N120million, buys 10 cars in 10 months

Nigerian police have arrested a 300 Level Law student of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, on Saturday, 19th September, 2020 for defrauding people millions of naira, including his lecturers.

The suspect identified as Omeje Light popularly known as Okwuego, was arrested by officers of the Enugu state command for allegedly defrauding people millions of naira. Okwuego used his make-quick-money scheme known as Elifeseries to scam a lot of people in Enugu state including lecturers, students and community members.

According to the story, Okwuego lured people into investing their money in his platform called Elifeseries and promised to pay them %30 interest in return. A lot of invested their money in the business to the sum of N120,000,000 (one hundred and twenty million naira)

However, things turned around when he stopped paying those who invested their money rather he used the money to start living large, buying cars and even making plans to travel out of Nigeria. He was arrested recently after he failed to pay back investors’ money and was making plans to run out of the country.

Okwuego sometimes ago posted how he bought 10 cars in just 10 months he brags that he was sent by God and that he will buy more cars for people. The cars he bought include: two Mercedes-Benz, three Toyota Spider, one Lexus ES 350, one Toyota Rav 4, two Toyota 2.2, one Lexus RX350.

He is currently in Enugu state police custody, police is making more efforts to arrest his associates who are currently on the run.

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