Angry youth burn and tear N1000 notes instead of donating to singer who sings for Buhari

There have been stories making the rounds on the internet that a certain singer, Dauda Kahutu, who is known for his praise-singing for president Buhari, had called on citizens to make donations of N1000 towards the release of his new album.

He made the call according to him. to show that he still has love for the president and could go ahead to release an album even as the economy was not fully back on track.

However, a video as seen on the internet this morning has shown visibly angry northern youths who questioned the reason behind the rather unnecessary donation.

The first youth, speaking in Hausa language wondered why anyone should donate to the cause when everyone was complaining of hunger.

He brought out a N1000 note and promptly set it on fire to the wild disbelieve of onlookers who kept asking it that was a real N1000 note.

Still in the same video clips, Another man still a northerner, also made the same statement, that he heard the singer was asking people to donate N1000. He added that instead of him to give his N1000, he will rather tear it.

He also took out the N1000 note and tore it to pieces.

This level of anger coming from northern youths is rather shocking and shows a real awakening to the real issues facing us as a country.

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