“You Drove a car with an empty tank,so why are you scared of Covid-19” – Lady mocks Adeboye’s face mask

A lady simply identified as oluwadimipe olowu has took to her Facebook timeline to troll the popular man of God ,Pastor Adeboye after he was spotted wearing a face mask alongside his wife.

According to the lady ,if the man of God could have survived a journey of miles without having to refill the empty tank of his car,then she sees no reason why the pastor should be too concerned about the virus since he is a miracle worker!

This she said because the man of God was seen wearing a face mask .To Oluwadamipe,she feels most people are being fooled into believing some of the miracles shared.

This was further revealed in the comment section where most of Oluwadamipe’s friends went for her head.They condemned her action and asked if the only meaning she could attached to the pastor wearing a mask is to troll him.

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