Traders disgrace young lady after she was caught stealing in the market (Video)

A pretty lady whose name is unidentified was caught stealing at Igbudu market in Warri today. It was indeed a sad day for the victim because of how she was treated.

The rate at which people steal in market these days is alarming. Some of these youths don’t want to work but they want to have money.

The main reason why they involve in this criminal act is because of oppression or peer pressure. When they see their friends using expensive items, they will also want to get it.

But because they don’t have the money, they will either steal it or involve in other dirty acts just to afford the item.

Today, this pretty lady was caught in the market and she was chained like a goat and was taken round the market.

Although, it wasn’t stated what she stole but from the video, we could see people calling her a thief and different kind of names.

This is very embarrassing to be honest but we don’t know what led her to that act.

Watch Video Below:

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