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“The thing be like film” — Meet the Nigerian lady that survived the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

The lady identified as Nkiru Obasi is thanking God from the hospital, for saving her life after the the explosion threw her up and collapsed the building she was in.

The young lady who is from Ebonyi state, South East Nigeria, but stranded in Lebanon, said the whole thing “Be Like Film.”

“Around 4:00pm, we saw smoke coming out from a ship at the port, my Oga that I work with, called me and showed me the fire. I was shocked to see fire coming out from a ship that was inside water.

“Suddenly my Oga’s brother started videoing everything with his phone and I went back to the room.”

“Before we could know what was happening, the smoke and fire became too much, the ground started shaking, including the house. All of a sudden everything just turned upside down, the explosion threw me up and badly affected my Oga and his brother.”

“The glasses that shattered as a result of the explosion, fell all over me and managed to escape from the collapsing building.”

“As I managed to escape, I saw dead bodies littered on the road with many scampering for safety.”

Nkiru who just recently got a job to look after old people close to that place, equally added that she had to rush to a Pharmacy shop because she was already covered with because of the glasses that fell on her.

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