Preacher in tears after failing to raise a dead woman while trying to convince a man she has the Holy Spirit in her

A Twitter User, Mykael Udy, has narrated his experience and shock at the delusion of a Lady preaching the Gospel. The Twitter User said he was walking out of Isolo General Hospital and when a Lady approached him and wanted to preach the Gospel. He responded by telling her to take the Gospel to the sick people in the Hospital who needed healing.

The lady insisted that she was directed to him by the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel and to prove it, she would raise a dead body at the Hospital. He found the challenge interesting and watched the whole attempt at resurrection. As they were having their conversation, a car came into the Hospital carrying a dead person. She asked if the Person was truly dead and said that they would witness the Power of Jesus.

The Dead Lady was stretchered out and the Lady began commanding and praying for her to Wake up. This went on for 50 minutes. She then began to weep and ask the Holy Spirit not to forsake her, trying for another 35 minutes. Conceding defeat, she told the husband of the Lady “Sorry for your Loss.”

As she walked out of the Hospital, He heard her say “Jesus, why didn’t you answer me?” The man then complained on how dangerous religious delusions can be.

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