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kitchen caught fire in the ongoing Big Brother Cameroon called Biggy237 (Video)

Their has been a mid drama in the ongoing Cameroonian reality TV show called Biggy237. The show which portrays an exclusive likeness of Nigeria’s Big Brother Naija caused a whole lot of controversies when the news of the broke.

An unusual incident occurred when two female housemates were using the kitchen in the Cameroonian Big Brother House. The gas they were using to prepare a meal blew up, luckily one of the housemates just left the kitchen while the other one left was fast enough to run away before the fire fromthe spark could get to her.

The incident made all the immediately run to find a way to curb the fire before it caused further harm or destroy any other thing.

Watch video below;

This incident has stirred up mixed reactions among social media users, especially Nigerians who are saying the organizers of Biggy237 were not well prepared as they only wanted to use their on reality TV show to compete with that of Nigeria’s Big Brother Naija and still they are failing woefully. They even alleged it should be called small brother.

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