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African child who was adopted by singer Madonna after he was abandoned by his father, now a footballer (Photos)

David Ciccone Ritchie, was named David Wanda at birth, after the death of his biological mother during his birth, his father had abandoned the new born baby in an orphanage home.

Few months later the Pop star Madonna was touring the country of Malawi visiting some of her charity programs, when she came across the new born child, David was at the verge of death due to pneumonia and improper care for an infantile, she had sympathy and immediately filed for adoption, so she could help the child get a proper healthcare and a better life as her child.

Later on the biological father of David showed up and started pushing against the adoption by the singer, bringing her into a legal battle, stating she has a controversial lifestyle that might affect his child’s upbringing. Madonna had to go through all the process for adoption again, until finally they had a settlement.

David who has a passion for football from an early age, has always been encouraged by his mother Madonna, he was sent to Lisbon to train under the Benfica Football Academy, Christian Ronaldo had tried to convince Madonna to let the youngster sign under Sporting Lisbon instead, because that’s where himself started from, but he went with Benfica, they won the league, and David was awarded the best footballer under 12, according to the club technical team, he shows very impressive skills.

David who is now 15, has since moved to PSG football Academy where he is currently training to become a professional football, in the nearest future.

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