“Your entire country is corrupt” – US office says as they reject Nigerian lawyer

A Nigerian lawyer and author identified as Modupe Odele has lamented the rejection she suffered in the United States for being from a “corrupt country”.Modupe Odele, who calls herself an international lawyer took to the microblogging platform, Twitter to narrate her sad experience.

According to her, she was rejected and was bluntly told that it was because of her nationality.

Here’s what she tweeted;

“Tried to submit a document today to an office in the US, they rejected it. I called to ask why and they boldly said “you know because it is coming from Nigeria. We know how corrupt the entire country is.” It was quite surreal to hear that.

“Usually, people whisper it or have it as a bias. But I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone say it to myself – or well in this case to my hears. My companion summarized it as “the Hushpuppi effect”.

“I feel like I should add this. The person I spoke to told me they had a close friend from Nigeria who constantly told them how corrupt the country is. Don’t know what this means, but thought to say it.

“Now I have to go the extra mile to swear an affidavit that the document is legit. An entire mess.”

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