Weeks after spending millions on his girlfriend’s birthday, Yahoo boy runs mad after failing to complete his ritual rights (Photos)

As reported from a reliable source, it was revealed that the young boy went ahead to join a secret cult, and they told him to find go and look for a young 11 year old girl and rape her, for his success to keep going.

The young man went in search of a girl to lay with and was caught in the act by angry mob, he got beaten and stripped naked.

While he was caught and beaten the young fellow ran mad instantly, and rumor has it that the madness occur so that he can not reveal the cult members and their identities.

The most shocking part of everything is that the boys mother was well aware of all the boy’s atrocities as it was reported.

He hails from Cameroon, the boy is also said to be an entrepreneur who is a trader, an engineer in food processing and investor.

See more photos below;

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