See photos of the woman who put nails in the head of her 10-year-old maid

Yesterday a sad story was shared about an Igbo woman Ifeoma Ozougwu, who was arrested alongside her husband Jude Ozougwu for brutalizing her 10-year-old maid Nneoma Nnadi in Enugu state, Akonameze street thinker’s corner.

The police had received credible information about how the woman have been maltreating the small girl who was also her relative, the police gathered that the woman uses hot pressing iron to burn the girl in various parts of her body

She pours pepper in the private part of the girl and the latest evil she did to the girl that prompted neighbours to tip the police was using nails to inflict injuries to the head of the little girl.

This suspect is actually a mother of three and it baffles me as to how a woman who knows the pain of giving birth would still do such an evil thing to another woman’s child

See her photos that has been released;

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