Redeemed Christian Church of God expels pastor caught naked trying to sleep with a female member

A few days ago the pastor Gideon Bakare, got more than what he bargained for after being caught and videotaped naked trying to sleep with one of his church member’s Wife.

Consumed with shame and regrets, he could only beg the family of the woman he was trying to sleep with, who recorded the incident to not let the video go viral as it will ruin his life

Well, unfortunately, the video went viral.

In response to this disgraceful event, RCCG yesterday released a statement through their spokesperson Olaitan Olubiyi. The statement informed that the Pastor Gideon Bakere for attempting adultery and for soiling the name of the church has been excommunicated

Oh, how have the mighty fallen! Just for the 1-minute pleasure of the flesh

As much as I support that the pastor deserves to be punished, I still want to call out to the leaders of RCCG to not give up on him so the devil doesn’t win one over

I believe he can be redeemed rather than being totally condemned, no one is above being tempted

See the statement below;

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