Police advice Twitter influencer to be a “Yahoo boy” instead of being “Gay”, after harassing and extorting N260K from him

A popular Twitter influencer named Valking has taken to the micro blogging platform to give in details how he was harassed and extorted by men of the Nigerian Police force.

Valking said he was forced to confess what he did not do and the Sum of N260,000 was taken from him after pleading continuously, has called on the right bodies to look into his matter as he said he has remained devastated since the incident occurred yesterday.

He narrated how they stop the Uber he boarded and told the driver to drive straight to Ogudu Police station, on getting there they took them (him and the driver) to one small corner in the station and collected some things which includes his ID card.

He tried to tell them he is an influencer on Twitter and works with several brands, but no they wouldn’t listen, they went on to search his phone and they saw a group chat that had a discussion about gay, then they concluded he is gay. He told them he isn’t but they won’t listen, so he laughed over it.

It angered them and they told him to take of his shirt and also beat him with a rubber pipe, he was forced to write a statement saying he was gay and has male client who paid him to have bedtime with them, giving him list of names to write.

They saw his account balance, they demanded he paid half a million threatening to send a video to the brand he works for and lock him up so he won’t be able to counter it. He pleaded and was able to get them agree to N260K.

When they got satisfied, they advised him, it’s better to do Yahoo than¬† to be gay, saying Yahoo pays better.

Read his story below;

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