Nigerian reacts as lady use money raised by well wishers for the treatment of her sick son to buy land and car

A lady named Bimbo has narrated how a lady seeked for help from Nigerians after her baby had a home accident.She said that the lady asked for funds from Nigerians and people were kind enough to donate a total of N6million which is more than the N100k she begged for.

She later said that the baby is now okay but instead of the mother to plan ahead and invest into her baby,she bought a car and land for herself out of the money.She explained that the lady didn’t even give her husband any money and it was when her family members intervened that he gave her husband N1m.

The most shocking part of what this lady wrote is that the woman that Nigerians donated N6million to didn’t help another sick woman who was in the same ward with them in the hospital.Bimbo begged her that she should give the sick woman at least 50k out of N6million but this lady refused.

She later called bimbo(the lady that wrote this tweet) that the money rasied by the public has finished.

Nigerians were not happy with the lady, see reactions below;

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