Nigerian girls in Lebanon begs Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Kumuyi and more to bring them back to Nigeria (Video)

A Group Of Nigerian Girls stranded in Lebanon has made a heartbreaking video of what they are facing in the country.In the video I would share below,these girls were begging top clerics and leaders to help them to that they can return back to the country.

A woman who appears to be their spoke man was the one speaking up for these ladies,she said that they are living a very bad life in Lebanon and they regretted their actions already.She said that on behalf of the other girls,they want to come back to the country.

She begged that they want to return back to the country because they have been managing a room for long now,She called on Bishop Oyedepo,Pastor Kumuyi,Pastor Adeboye, Apostle Suleiman and other top clerics to help them return back to the country

She also called on the President Of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari do have pity on them and bring them back to the country,the lady who made the video said all the girls in the room she is making this video are ready to return to their fathers land.

Watch the video below;

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