Newly wedded woman rushes to delete her wedding pictures after Facebook users exposed her husband who was allegedly married to another lady

A lady identified as Sophia Anthony Ogwuegbu has gotten what she never expected, Sophia who out of euphoria of her new marriage posted her wedding pictures with her husband got what she never bargained for. She had to immediately deleted the beautiful pictures because of the comments she got.

Sophia Anthony-Ogwuegbu who is a female life coach was told that her newly married man is a gold digger who has a record of exploiting women. He was said to have been married for less than a year where he duped his former wife before coming for Sophia’s hand.

It was also revealed that the man known as Tony is yet to officially divorce his former wife before getting married to Sophia. Sophia said that she prayed and it was God who asked her to marry Tony but she was overwhelmed by many comments coming from different women asking her to leave the young marriage and be careful of Tony .

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