My husband keeps taking my money without my consent – Lady cries out online

A lady whose name is recognized as Vanessa Emeka Igwe has taken to a Facebook group page to share what she found on her husband’s telephone.

As per her story, she said;

“I was checking my husband’s phone and I discovered that he saved the four digits pin of my ATM card in his telephone.

He had once gone to the ATM to withdraw my cash without letting me know not until I contacted my bank.

I was sad when I saw this and I told him concerning it. We had a quarrel about the issue and I cautioned him not to attempt it again or else I would get him arrested because it’s a criminal act.

Likewise, my monthly salary is normally paid into this same account. I don’t even trust him right now.

I am still thinking if I should quit using the ATM card or should open another account without letting him know.”

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