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Mother of two to face death penalty after hanging her kids and forcing her dog to have s*x with her

A mother who is thought to be forcing a dog to have sēx with her and hang up her children, says she can’t afford a defense lawyer.

Lisa Snyder has been charged with killing her children in the basement of her country.

The 37-year-old woman allegedly killed Brinley, four, and Conner, eight, of Albany Township, Pennsylvania, in September last year, The Sun reported.

Snyder was also charged with third-degree murder, endangering children, and damage to evidence, cruelty to animals and sexual assault with a dog.

Séx is a variety of sexual objects between humans and non-human animals. While séx related to animals is not legal in some countries, in most countries, séx with animals is legal under animal laws or laws regarding theft or lawsuits against the environment.

The investigation team wants her killed for his crimes.

Lisa Snyder, 37

Her teammate Dennis Charles explained on June 29 that Snyder could not defend herself.

Following this, The Morning Call revealed to the court that her bank account was found to have less than $ 400 ($ 319) at the time of his arrest.

Attorney Charles added to Snyder’s stock that was just her car, a 2017 Ford Fusion that bought and sold his grandfather’s jeep.

Prosecutors allege that the proceeds from the sale of her car, valued at $ 23,000 ($ 18,316), should be used to pay for her security, before taxpayers’ money is spent.

The mother says her children committed suicide.

She also said her son was being harassed – but police found no evidence of this.

In court, Prosecutor Margaret McCollum said: “Conner could not do this alone.

Snyder was charged with murdering the first people in December for a lengthy investigation.

She called 911 on Sept. 23 and said she found his children hanging out at home.

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