Man who struggles to pay his children school fees sent N500K to his side chic

A distraught woman has cried out over the challenges in her marriage and how her husband abandons his family responsibilities.

The wife said she checked her husband’s phone and discovered that he’s having an affair with a Twitter influencer and he sends the side chic money even though he fails to do so for his children. It all started when he asked for the female influencer’s account number and sent N80k, then that was when the side chic started being interested.

According to the woman, the children’s school fees was paid by her because her husband claimed to have issues coming up with the money for it, but based on her probing into his exchange with the side chic, she discovered that he has sent the influencer a total of N500k.

Narrating how heartbroken she is, the wife expressed sadness that her husband who struggles to pay his children’s school fees, could cough up N500k for a side chic.

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