Man surprises his wife with the best birthday gift ever – A DNA Test result proving that he is not the father of their daughter (Video)

A man surprised his wife with a birthday gift she never thought her husband will give to her on her birthday, a DNA test result.

The man wrapped the result in different bags to make her feel more excited. The lady was happy trying to bring the gift out, why the man was busy watching and recording the video. The lady first thought that the gift was a necklace. When she finally saw a paper, she asked her husband if it was a ticket to spend two weeks in Dubai?

The man broke it to her that it was a DNA test result confirming that her daughter is not his daughter as confirmed by the result. That she cheated on him in the marriage. The lady was still trying to denial that she cheated. He finally told her that he gave she and her daughter until the end of the month to leave his house.

Watch video below;

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