Man stoned to death in a robbery gone wrong (Photos)

In the early hours of Tuesday a robbery by a young man age 22 who was robbing a lady’s cellphone in Monwabisi Park, Endlovin went wrong after he was trying to flee the scene on foot, residents came out in number after the poor lady screamed for help, and found the criminal immediately not far from what he was doing.

Community called Two young men who were walking nearby to help chased the crook and they got him before he crossed an intersection and the community was already after him carrying stones even woman and children.

As soon as the community arrived they didn’t ask any questions and started stoning the criminal, even a people who walk on the road took their turns aiming for his head.

Police arrived late at the scene and the the criminal was already dead becouse of severe head injuries and broken skull, his head was almost smashed into mince, his brains were out of his head.

The police didn’t arrest anyone as they found the body laying on the streets, they were unable to get answers from anyone becouse the MOB flee immediately when they saw a police van coming.

More photos below;

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