Man narrates his encounter with an underage girl who hawks on the street, after she offered him s*x for his kind gesture

A man named Juda Idada has narrated an encounter he had with an underage girl, who he suspects to be around 13-year-old after she offered him sex for being kind to her.

Recalling how he stepped out of his estate after a rainy day to get something, he met some children who hawks things around the streets standing at different corners taking shelter, he walked past a girl who called him and begged him to please buy the peppered meat she sells. He hesitated and told her he doesn’t eat such good but she insisted saying her mom would beat her if she doesn’t get to sell a good amount of the meat. He argued saying her mom knows it is raining but she replied telling him her mom doesn’t care, as she would compare her to other kids who sold theirs despite the rain.

Trying to be helpful, he told her he would buy her meat worth N100 but she would be the one to eat it. Filled with joy she agreed and thanked him, but as he turned to go back he heard her say “if na only you dy house, I fit follow you go.”

Trying to confirm what he heard he asked her what she said but she refused to recapitulate. After series of pleading he then told her he will buy more, then the girl spoke in a low tune telling him how some men would buy from her and tell her to follow them home so as to have sex with her, then help her with extra money for her school.

Read his story below;

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