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Live Eviction in BBNaija 2020! The 4 Changes added to this year’s housemate eviction that is different from last year

Right from the beginning, this season of the BBNaija Reality Tv show has had a promise to be amazingly spectacular but what could be more amazing than a sure live eviction where the housemates get to send each other home.

Biggie has introduced new developments into the show and one of them is a live eviction which has thrown some of the housemates into a panic.

All the #BBNaija Lockdown Housemates will be up for eviction except for the Head of House and Deputy Head of House as well as increased Voting power for those who are premium subscribers of Dstv and GoTv.

The second Live Show of Big Brother Naija season 5 brought with it twists that will no doubt impact the dynamics of the show.

3 Changes To BBNaija 2020 Season 5 (Lockdown) Housemates Eviction

1. Head Of House and Deputy Head Of House immune Will Not Evicted

Ebuka announced a new twist in the Monday Head of House games brought about by Biggie in this season. All Housemates will be up for nomination to be evicted every week except Head of House and Deputy Head of House. So it is safe to say Nengi and her deputy are safe from the danger of eviction this week.

If ever there was a time when your votes matters, this is it! Save your favorite housemates.

2. A live Eviction Every Sunday

There will also be a Live Eviction by Housemates every Sunday in the coming weeks of the show. Housemates will each take turns to Nominate one of the bottom four Housemates with the lowest votes in the Diary Room. The Housemate who has the most Nominations will then be the one who gets Evicted. For the very first in the show, Housemates will be the ones that choose who goes home!

3. The higher your subscription package, the more the votes!

Since the inception of the show, this the first time  Big Brother Naija fans are afforded more votes depending on the Dstv and GoTv package that they are on. Check out which subscription package you are on and what vote power you have.

DStv Packages Votes GOtv Packages Votes
Premium 2,500 Max 350
Compact Plus 1,500
Compact 750 Jolli 200
Confam 500
Yanga 200

4. Date When Voting Commences

Voting begins on 27th July which is tomorrow. Customers are free to cast their votes within the days the voting round is active (4days – Mondays to Thursdays) until they reach their limit.

5. Other Ways You Can Vote For Your Favorite BBNija Lockdown Housemates

Asides from voting as a subscriber on the MyDStv app (DStv subscribers) and MyGOtv App (GOtv subscribers), you can vote through Mobile, Web, SMS.

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