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Lady breakdown in tears as Williams Uchemba gift her with 500K to start her shoe business (Video)

Williams Uchemba is known for his big and generous heart. He is one of the few Nigerian celebrities who are actually and genuinely given back to the society who made them who they are.

He has set the standard so high that his fellow colleagues are struggling to meet up.

Recently Williams Uchemba posted on his social media accounts a video of another person he has gladly helped. According to him, a lady tagged him in a video on Instagram few days back.

He wrote “I was tagged in a video of this young lady yesterday, her house was flooded but she did something that got my attention, she was thanking God in the midst of the crisis I also noticed that she was not begging for money to leave the place she was begging to be patronized so that she can gather money and leave the place. So today I invited her to the house to help her sale her bags but I added more to it”

Watch video below;

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